Cleanse Self is very vocal about creating products that are cruelty-free and contain natural products. They create products such as cleansing pads, face wash, and blemish sticks for teens and young adults. They want to be as affordable as possible and bring the same product that you would get from an expensive brand.

The logo is inspired by Aloe Vera Cells, plants, and flowers. I wanted a color palette that felt refreshing and clean.



For packaging, I wanted to create a face wash, face mask, and blemish stick packaging. The CleanseSelf packaging changes color palette every season. Some may have breakouts depending on the season, so the different ingredients will change to fix that.


Website Mockups

For website mockups, I wanted to make the website feel like it's made for young adults. The color palette for the site needed to have refreshing colors that match the feeling of the product.