FareFresh is an organization working to create a more equitable and sustainable local food system in Chicago. We are advocates for healthier eating in neighborhoods where residents are at higher risk of obesity, diabetes, & other diet-related diseases due to being within fod food desert areas. Cheap food that is also convenient tends to be low-quality food, and it’s often the only option in low-income neighborhoods. Food insecurity is a result of a large grocery gap, also called supermarket shortage,which can contribute to a sense of despair in market options by those who are drastically and helplessly afflicted.

Design Team Members:Elizabeth Kiernicki, Luis Perez, and Vanessa Arenas .



For packaging, I definitely want to go into a very illustrative and colorful route. Since Fare Fresh is going into communities,I want the packaging to feature illustrations from artists in the area.

Delivery Box by Elizabeth Kiernicki and Tri Fold Brochure by Vanessa Arenas



For advertisement, We want to introduce ourselves to the neighborhood and let people know that we're coming to their neighborhood. Our advertisement needs to feel inviting and informative.