Honeydew is a shampoo company that prides itself on creating products that contain natural ingredients for teens and young adults.

For the logo, I wanted to incorporate the hexagons we see in honeycombs and have the look and feel of freshness. Honeydew is based on the ingredient that the products contain and dew that is seen on plants.



I want the packaging to feel soft and delicate. The packaging is to feel fresh and inviting when someone spots it on a shelf. For packaging, I want it to be neat and tidy, and I want to keep the shampoo and conditioner bars in the normal bar shape. I believe it would be a bit inconvenient if the shampoo bar was in the shape of a hexagon.



For the advertisement portion, I wanted to create Instagram posts/Ads since my audience is younger and understands social media a lot more. Honeydew provides affordable, high-quality products, so I want to offer coupons and deals that people can use on their next purchase. Most of our new product announcements will live on Instagram.